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For my new card and my wife's, no tracker.

Click on the account and there is a View Miles Summary link on the right under Total Available Miles.

Clicking on View Miles Summary displays Member Since, Total Available Miles, and Card benefits at top, a heading How You've Earned Miles On Your Card, below which is normally the tracker but instead it just says No Miles to Display and the Redeem Miles Box.

We both got the letter indicating the 50K bonus and got unsolicited confirmation during approval/bump request.

So it seems that they may have stopped with the tracker, at least temporarily. Just rely on the wording in the welcome letter.

Originally Posted by beltway View Post
Several people have stated in recent weeks that they were approved for an AA card w/bonus but "got no tracker" (or words to that effect). It would be helpful if folks could be a bit more specific. Do you mean
  1. There's no "View Miles Summary" link on your account home page?
  2. The drop-down menu under "Your Rewards Details" does not include the card in question?
  3. When you select the relevant card, the page displayed has no bonus details at all?
  4. Something else?
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