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Random (zone 5) selection with TSA Pre✓

Today, I went through Pre✓ at SFO international. I was randomly selected ("zone 5" is the term I keep hearing). I had to wait for someone, then he swabbed my hands, then I left.

An hour later, I had to go back to check-in.

Coming back in, random selection, zone 5. This time, they swabbed one of my two bags and I was on my way.

However, while today was the first time that was enough to prompt me to write this post, I am probably around 60% for this with Pre✓.

Does anyone have any idea how this works?

I tend to leave everything on my body (including some medical equipment) that might increase the amount of metal passing through the WTMD, but it is NOT the same thing that happens when you walk through with a phone.

I still find it's easier (in the sense that shoes and hoody stay on, laptop stays in bag, etc.) than the regular priority line, but if I'm just doing something stupid to trigger this, I'd like to know

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