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Originally Posted by 355F1 View Post
I may have gotten myself into a jam here.

Flying LAX-HKG on AA metal and had a 1hr connection time to make the HKG-CGK CX flight.

This is an AA Y ticket.

Leaving the gate @ 12:55am (20m late), and THEN After sitting on the taxiway @ LAX for I think over an hour due to the pilot saying something about too much weight to take off in the rain (seriously), we finally left.

We are looking at an arrival time into HKG @ 9:02am now and the CX flight leaves @ 9:20.

Sitting in J so getting off first work be a problem (used two SWUs for me and my girl).

The NEXT flight to CGK isn't until 3:55pm....but.....

CX 719 HKG 3:55p → CGK 7:50p
F5 A5 J9 C9 D9 I9 W9 R9 E9 Y0 B0 H0 K0 M0 L0 V0 S0 N0 Q0 O0

Will my EXP status get us on this flight even if they have to put us in First/Business/whatever their premium Cabin is?

I'm actually DOUBLY screwed because CGK isn't our final destination. I have separate tickets on Air Asia to get us to Bali for a week.

So I don't think AA/CX will get us to Bali by re-routing.

I could use DL miles to get us nonstop to DPS (Bali) but wouldn't AA cancel our return flight home if we skip a middle leg (HKG-CGK)?
How do you use DL miles to fly HKG-DPS nonstop? Is that a GA route?
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