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Originally Posted by ljwobker View Post
I've tried what I think are all the combinations to get this to work, with various errors such as "illegal faring spec" and "maxconnect expects exactly one argument". What I'm trying to construct is something along the lines of:

"Get me from RDU to LHR on no more than two UA flights, with a maximum connection time of 180 minutes and a base fare code of 'W'".

None of these work as routing strings:

UA UA / f bc=w, maxconnect 180
UA UA /  maxconnect 180, f bc=w
UA UA /  maxconnect 180 f bc=w
UA UA / f bc=w / maxconnect 180
I think this should be possible somehow, I'm just not quite sure how... ;-)
Semi colon is your friend
UA UA / f bc=w ; maxconnect 180
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