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This is sadly so typical of France. We invest huge sums in a system that is totally inefficient - requires pre-registration unlike virtually any other system used in Europe from the UK to Finland and from the Netherlands to Central Europe, as well as is often out of order, stick to it for ages, and now decide to finally invent sliced bread ("decouvrir le fil a couper le beurre") by finally using a system effectively conceived and sold by a French company to other countries and which works much better (not just for UK passport holders, it works fine for all EEA citizens and now those of partner countries like the US).

Incidentally, you correctly mention that those machines have been used in London, but in fact, they have even also been used in Australia for years so that it typically takes much less time for a random French person to enter "tough guarded" Australia than France. How pathetic and ridiculous really, so much waste, but better late than never I guess...
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