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Originally Posted by brunos View Post
I am not saying that other airports are better (e.g. LHR for UK passport holders or FRA for German passport holders).
The situation for UK passport holders at LHR is usually much much better: whilst there can be very long lines at the UK/Europe in-person control line, there are just so many more automatic gates that UK and European citizens can use, which make waits for the automatic gates much shorter. To contrast things a bit: LHR Terminal 5 has about twenty or so. London City airport with its 4.3 million pax per year has four automated gates. At Paris CDG with I don't know how many more pax (definitely more than 4.3 million, which would present only 6.5% of CDG's total) there are three. And bear in mind whilst LHR T5 only needs to process London-bound passengers, CDG has both Paris-bound passengers and those continuing to a Schengen destination. The LHR gates are often plagued with bugs and maintenance issues, the overall number of available gates is still much higher than CDG, where availability rates vary between 0% and 66%.

Frankfurt as well has many more automatic gates, and I have never seen people lining up to use them. And I've never seen them down, they just seem to work (although I do not assume that this means 100% reliability, just more than in the UK and France).

Thus: the situation is much better for UK and German passport holders (and those with a biometric passport from other EU/EEA/CH countries) simply because there are more automatic gates.

Let's just hope that they are planning to use a tested international supplier (there are many of them) rather than a new "brilliant" French venture. Facial recognition e-gates have now been installed at a large number of airports in the world. It is sad to see that France is lagging so badly.
The system in the UK is a French one. It is by Automatic Systems, which is a company of the Bollore Group (which may explain its Renault-like low reliability?).

But other countries seem to have systems that work well. UAE, Qatar, Germany...
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