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Originally Posted by Goldorak View Post
This morning it was absolute chaos at 2E immigration (arrivals) at 7am. About 4 booths open. Regular line had...hard to estimate but likely 1000-1500 persons in line (the room was completely filled). The skyP lane was full from its beginning. And PARAFES... (See picture below which speaks by itself). Of course one gate was not working and the 2 others were working very poorly (very slow or not functioning properly). And, ironically, I was standing in front of the sign displayed on the 2nd comment and Welcome to France
I understand the stricter controls, but that does not explain everything. Is there some soft "industrial action" going on by the Police des Frontieres?

In the travel/hotel industry, the weakest point of a chain of service is the one most remembered by a pax.
I agree that CDG has been improving for Air France (and certainly for those using 2A). The few regulars here are fluent in French and very familiar with the airport. However, the rosy picture typically painted by regulars in this forum is often not shared by infrequent pax. And I am not talking about ten or five years ago, but the current experience (say since start 2016). I have many Asian or French relations/friends/colleagues who fly periodically to Paris and they all dread early arrivals at 2E with long distance, wait at immigration and poor luggage delivery.
I am not saying that other airports are better (e.g. LHR for UK passport holders or FRA for German passport holders). But the current image of CDG 2E abroad is awful (I mean morning arrivals on AF longhaul).

We will have to wait till summer 2017 for the installation of of first batch of new gates. And the technology of searching for either finger print (French passports only) or Face recognition (European passports) will undoubtedly create initial problems. Let's just hope that they are planning to use a tested international supplier (there are many of them) rather than a new "brilliant" French venture. Facial recognition e-gates have now been installed at a large number of airports in the world. It is sad to see that France is lagging so badly.
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