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San Gottardo
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ADP (Paris Airport management) invests in faster border controls

News in the French press yesterday article here, sorry, in French only

In a nutshell
  • Number of people waiting more than 30 minutes has increased by 20% since beginning of the year
  • Reasons are (i) stricter controls (ii) under-staffing
  • ADP will now pay itself for more and more modern biometric automated border control machines, working like the ones in the UK, i.e. face recognition rather than finger prints, whereby people do not have to register before and accessible to all EU/EEA/CH citizens. (so the Rosbifs will have to stand in line very soon )
  • Current method of asking people to register before has led to low pickup rates
  • Still waiting for approval from French authorities. In case they don't approve the face recognition methodology, the machines will also be able to work with the current, i.e. register your fingerprint, method

To be frank, if the current automated border portals worked that already would be real progress. But they often don't.
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