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We have a runner

My flight from BUF-DTW this week took off about 20 minutes late. The GA assured everyone prior to boarding she had checked and everyone should be able to make their connection. Uneventful flight, plane lands in DTW and a man near the exit row gets up while we are taxiing to the gate gets his bag and walks to the front of the plane (I'm sitting in 1A) he then squats next to the seated FA.
FA "What the heck are you doing? We are still moving!"
Runner "Yes, I know, but I have a tight connection and if I run I know I can make it."
FA "Sir, it's an FAA regulation. You need to be seated. Go back to your seat now."
Runner "I understand all of that but I really need to make my connection, please, it's important I make this plane!"
---they argue a bit more, guy doesn't move, FA gets on phone calls captain, plane comes to a halt on the tarmac---

Captain "FAA regulations requires all passengers must remain seated with seat belts fastened and baggage stowed."

---guy goes back to his seat, flipping out, planes goes crazy because MANY people had tight connections and now the plane has stopped and we have an additional delay, people are shouting at the guy that they have connections too, we now just sit on the tarmac, it seemed like forever (probably just a few minutes but you could just cut the tension in the air)---

I don't think he made his connection.
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