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Thinking you are too clever for something to get stolen from your belongings on the belt, whether by TSO or pax, is just as dangerous as thinking you'll be the first person to be clever enough to out-fox a professional pick-pocket.

My carry-ons are always locked at the checkpoint. Fortunately, I don't travel with a laptop. Someone could grab my entire bag, but they won't be able to dip a hand in and grab my wallet while I'm distracted or held up.

Good luck thinking you could yell and everyone will help you chase the thief. What they'll actually do is immediately swarm and surround you and tell you to calm down, calm down. I thought my bag was gone once. I got delayed going through the scanner, and by the time I was through, my first bag was sitting unattended at the end of the belt. A steady stream of bags was coming through, but my second bag was nowhere to be seen. I started saying 'My bag - my bag. Where is my bag? It looks like someone has stolen my bag!'

I was immediately surrounded (so I couldn't see anything), told repeatedly to calm down. Meanwhile, bags keep streaming off the belt and mine is nowhere to be seen.

It turns out my bag was pulled for a check before I cleared the scanner, and returned to the crammed belt for a second xray pass - all without anyone telling me. Hardly surprising that I thought the bag had been stolen. What I recall most vividly is that TSA's first response was to surround and isolate and interrogate me, not to address the issue of a missing rollaboard.

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