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Originally Posted by tentseller View Post
I never walk through until I confirm my bags are in the machine. I also always keep an eye on it when it comes out on the exit side.
You may have misunderstood what's going on here. The problem with this scam is not that you wait by choice. It's that you're forced to wait by one of the scammers after your stuff goes into the machine, until it comes out the other side and his/her accomplice has made off with it. Your waiting until your stuff is in the machine will, if anything, help them by delaying your arrival without the need for them to stall you. To foil them, you have to get through the scanner before - not after - your stuff comes out the other side.

Keeping an eye on your stuff as it comes out may help, if you can scream loud enough that someone already on that side (perhaps a TSA staffer or their equivalent outside the US) will go after the thief. Unfortunately, by the time anyone hears you, responds, and tries to find the culprit, he or she will be long gone.
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