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It does explain why they recently realigned the CE fares to use I class (not J) on domestic.

Originally Posted by raikje View Post
Does that, in turn, spell the end for the "Business UK" benefits (lounge / fast track access) on full fare Y?

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CE is barely credible for a 2 to 3 hour flight around Europe, never mind a 45 hop to MAN or LBA. I can only see it being filled with LH J/F passengers on a domestic connection.
On LHR-EDI there will be plenty of corporate traffic. And in any event, some of us do appreciate not being crammed in.

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I suspect some interesting TP runs for the domestic market will start to proliferate on this forum...

I'm almost thinking that with CE on domestic and for 80 TPs (if they follow regular CE TP earning), my "quickest" way to LHR for the start of a long-haul could be LCY-GLA-LHR or something...beats two hours sitting in London traffic or paying through the nose to stand by the loo on the HEX!
I suspect that it would follow Spanish (mainland) domestic rules, i.e., only 20 points in CD ("Club Domestic"), in line with the current Business UK offering.
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