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Originally Posted by corporate-wage-slave View Post
Typically in this scenario it comes centrally. So MMB / your App will get updated with the arrangements but understandably it can take a while since I imagine BA are not sure what staff are fit to fly and where they are. Note that you may want to refresh the App or use the full site, since this is precisely the area where updates get stuck in a cache. If a decision is made quickly (and the omens aren't good here) you may be told in Vancouver, so locally but that can't be relied upon. Your service is marked, currently, as "rerouted", which normally means they will reinstate the service once the crew situation is resolved. If it goes to "cancelled" you need to ring BA straightaway and get yourself rebooked directly or indirectly. If you want an AC or non BA/AA routing you best do that at the airport, however. Basically the rule is if you want to stay AA or BA then call up, if not then the airport staff need help you, but I dread to think what the queue is like at 01:30 hrs locally. You may want to research your options now so you can steer this in a way that suits you best. Eg. Seattle?

In your shoes, if landside, and assuming staff are overwhelmed with a full A380 half full of Californians, half filled with antsy Brits, I would find a good value hotel, get yourself out of the way and watch BA.com until there is clarity. Assuming you are HBO or the baggage is offloaded (which could be awkward here). The Hilton at the airport is a few miles away from YVR, but not too far, and is connected to the city by good public transport a few blocks off. There are several hotels nearer the airport, but that Hilton is the one in my notebook for VVR irrops. Telephone: +1-604-273-6336
Also is this considered force majeure due to crew sickness as in no compensation for the delay? Or can you say that the crew fainted due to a problem with the airplane and it's the airline's fault?
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