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Originally Posted by aussielori View Post
I have also been told my RA expires end of year instead of 30 nov. unfortunately this is be a problem as I had planned on prequalifying at end nov and all my stays will now drop off.
I have just read 75 nights! yikes! i was planning my usual 66
1. empirical evidence suggest the old 60/20/3 changed in MAR2016 to be 75/30/3. Yes the extension means you can not use NOV2015 nights to requal.

2. Your 1month RA year extension from year being 01DEC-30NOV to now being 01JAN-31DEC may not be quite so disastrous as RA Requal check is still performed TWICE...... Both your normal year and ALSO 1month early

So your RA now expires 31DEC2016 , and you need requal on periods
A)01DEC2015-30NOV2016 (1 month before RA year ends on 31DEC2016)
B)01JAN2016-31DEC2016 (your new +1month RA 365day year)

So alas (A) / (B) above will now NOT allow you to count NOV2015 nights, annoying if a nights heavy stay month.

nb Your Requal Conundrum Issue
o Nights stayed during NOV2015 no longer count for you to requal as RA
o Check your current counts for the two periods 01DEC2015-30NOV16 and 01JAN2016-31DEC2016
Then you'll know how short of 75/30/3 you will be, and can work out if chasing RA renewal this time around is worthwhile for you.
o under current RA qualification rules, IC/IHG nights in DEC2016 will/can help you renew both this year and next time. So loading DEC2016 with nights may actually be worthwhile?

Other Possibility
o RA is on rolling 365 night period including spans of RA years
o It maybe possible to stay a large number of nights during both/either JAN2017 if JAN2016 was light on nights for you, and regain RA with 75/30/3 for eg spanned Amb year period 01FEB2016-31JAN207 or even 14FEB2016-13FEB2017. ie can be partway through calendar months
You just need to look at which months/dates you early Jan/FEB/MAR2016 nights drop off your rolling 365 period.

ps My similar issue
o Unlike you, I actually had enough nights 80+/50+/8+ nights for my unextended RA requal year 01SEP2015-31AUG2016, and I got unwanted +3months (Sep/Oct/Nov) changing my RA year to 01DEC2015-30NOV2016
o As planned not staying in hotels 10AUG2016-DEC2016 my counts dropped for period 01DEC2015-30NOV2016 to 52/35+/3+
o NOV2015 was heavy IC/IHG wise for me, IC=16 IHG=3 so 1month early RA check period boosts things 01NOV2015-30OCT2016 jumps me from 52/35 upto 71/51 but still short of magic new numbers of 75/30/3+
... And my planned 6nights in Nov2016 won't help in this scenario.
o Helpdesk Supervisor agreed my situation is extremely unfair cutting 9months off my RA life and will supposedly review my account come my RA expiry on 01DEC2016. However am reading that RA renewals are now "centralised" and worrying Supervisor won't be able to follow up and give me either 9months or 12months RA extension from 1st Dec.
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