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Uber is approved by the company (mid-sized tech) and there's integration with Concur so you can chose to have specific trips sent to Concur from within the Uber app. Between the primary insurance that Uber provides (in the US) and the cashless, digital aspects it solves a lot of problems.

I wish Uber existed when I was making weekly, sometimes daily trips out to the data centers in Secaucus taking cabs from Secaucus Junction. Between having to save self-filled out receipts and making sure to have cash - there are benefits for the employee and the company.

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AirBnB/VRBO, though, I push back on. My experience using them for leisure trips is that they're too unpredictable. Every owner has their own unique policies, little things are often missing, and getting problems addressed often takes way the heck more time and effort than it would in a hotel. I might tolerate these risks for a leisure trip but I will not for a business trip.
This. That said some Einstein at Concur thought it was smart to build an AirBnB app integration in Concur. Someone asked travel about this and it was
told there is no restriction but if you get burned by the restrictive terms or by an owner flaking - you are responsible. Meaning if you book a non-refundable rate and your plans change, you eat the fees. Or if you end up incurring expenses because of an owner not being available to let you in. Ultimately, who needs that nonsense. You need that as much as you need another hole in your head. Plus if something goes wrong, most owners don't have additional inventory to give you. You can argue whether or not AirBnB serves a purpose for leisure travel but for business travel it's a no go.
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