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Originally Posted by darthbimmer View Post
Both my current and previous employer, small software companies under 300 employees but in multiple countries WW, do not specifically mention services such as Uber or AirBnB in their travel policies.

I am very comfortable with Uber/Lyft and use them routinely. Their bills are easy to file for business expenses (easier than taxis in many areas) and I've never gotten push-back from my employer on it.
Uber is great for expense reporting. Never lose a receipt. I wish every business just emailed receipts. Date, time, route and price dead clear. Of course, not every employee welcomes that level of transparency!

I hate trying to keep hold of taxi receipts, often shoved into your hand while you're grappling with bags , and then stuffed into your pocket.

Otherwise, my company is even smaller, and doesn't tell me how to do things except occasionally when they get an empire-builder in HQ.

The main thing is to keep control of my budget and keep costs down. Business class is a needless extravagance. The only time I really appreciate the difference is really long-haul like UK-Australia and then the cost is usually too great to justify.

I wouldn't use Air BnB for business travel. I get offered to stay with family when I'm in their town but it's not good and they don't really appreciate the need for good internet, mobile signal and taking/making calls at all hours due to the 24/7 nature of our business. They don't understand why I can't just switch off and I don't want to offend them so it's much better to get my own room in a hotel.
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