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Up to 100,000 United Airline miles or .5 miles for ever $1 invested in Lending Club

First a few warnings:
1. Your money is NOT FDIC insured and Lending Club is under scrutiny by at least one Government agency
2. Although you are told that if Lending Club cease operations they have plans in place to keep your money separate and safe but several people have made arguments you would just become another creditor standing line.
3. Ideally Lending Club is Peer to Peer Lending but if you dig deep you will find otherwise and this is a new unproven business model that is just years old.
4. The founder CEO of Lending Club was kicked out for self dealing and making fake loans.
5. Since all the Lending Club loans can not be funded you do not have a true P2P business model and big money is involved from brokers, hedge, private equity, and other entities you have to ask yourself if your investment of $1 or $200,000 gets the same treatment as someone investing many many millions.

Now some Positives:
1. You can earn yields way above a bank. But of course higher yield = Higher risk
2. You can diversify and adjust your risk, yield to minimize loss.
3. Goldman Sachs has entered this arena without doing to P2P.
4. Lending Club Board Members are impressive people

<< Earn solid returns and get up to 100,000 award miles.1

United MileagePlus® is offering program members a new way to earn award miles.* Invest through Lending Club and earn up to 100,000 award miles – that’s enough for two roundtrip domestic Saver Award tickets in economy or business class.** Lending Club brings together investors looking for solid returns and quality borrowers looking for lower rates. Lending Club investments are similar to investing in bonds and have historically seen returns of 5%-8% per year.2

An investment through Lending Club can offer:

Solid returns: Average historical returns range between 5%-8% per year2

Low risk: Short duration loans can reduce risk and offer low correlation to stocks and bonds

Monthly cash flow: As borrowers make monthly loan payments, investors can either reinvest the payments they receive or have a consistent income>>

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