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Originally Posted by wrp96 View Post
So I came to this thread expecting DYKWIA stories. Didn't realize this was the thread to debate lounge access policies.
Your wish is granted:

Traveling via MSP to the Left Coast, with the typical short connection (<40 min) typical from my little burg. Arriving A concourse, departing far end of F, always a trek even in the old days but worse since my recent infirmity. A wheelchair had been arranged to C concourse, where I connected to an electric cart for the trip to F.

Arrived at my gate, where they are just calling Sky Priority. "Denise" (not her real name) whom I've known for years knows I'm coming from the A gate agent, and gives me a smile and a nod as I get off the cart and limp up to the podium.

"Do I have time for a quick restroom stop?"

"Sure, Dr. Udontknowme, we won't leave without you. Are you getting better?"

"Somewhat. Be right back." And I was, with Zone 3 just being called.

I board, only to find an older lady in an ugly cat sweater in my F aisle seat. "Excuse me, but I think you're in my seat." "No this is my seat." Since this is as far as I ever go with seat poachers, I turn towards the FA and wave her over. I give her my BP, she says to the poacher "Ma'am, may I see your boarding pass, please?"

"He wasn't in his seat 15 minutes before we're supposed to leave, so he forfeits. My son told me all about this. I took this seat fair and square."

"Ma'am may I see your boarding pass?" After some jibber jabber, hands over pass for a high 20's something seat. Is told she must sit in her assigned seat. After more argument, told she must take her assigned seat now or deplane. A few invectives are aimed at me, but she gets up and starts back. I open the overhead to stow my carryon, to find it stuffed with a large carryon and the largest personal item bag I've ever seen, both covered with cat graphics. I said to the FA "Wanna bet?" while pointing at the bags, then the poacher.

"Ma'am" the FA says to the poacher, "You'll have to take your carryons back with you to your seat." More huffing and puffing, but eventually she departs for the rear with her stuff, but not before telling us "You're going to be in trouble when we get to XXX, I'm calling my son, HE'S A GOLD MEDALLION." Neither I nor the FA could suppress a laugh.

The incident made for enjoyable conversation with my seat mate during the trip. Needless to say, no GOLD MEDALLION stormtroopers waiting at destination to chastise me or the FA.
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