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Originally Posted by Hammer0425 View Post
How do you know she was new, how do you know she was express, how do you know she was a standby (over positive space), etc?

I'm sure there's some written policy about it somewhere but in the big picture of life, did that really affect much? Whole meal, yeah, that'd be a big deal. If it was me, rather than risking getting someone in trouble and possibly facing job action without being totally sure of the situation, next time (and hopefully it doesn't happen again!) maybe just sarcastically say something to your seat mate like "gee I paid a lot of money for this seat, hopefully there's nothing else on the flight I'll have to skip. Are there any other allergies we should tell the flight attendant about now?" If she's actually a standby, she'll probably get the hint to not do it again.
Get the hint not to do it again? You do realize some people are deathly allergic to nuts and trace amounts could kill them? Or apparently not. It is so insensitive to place blame on this person. It doesn't matter how or why she got in the seat; she was either entitled to be there by company policy or she paid to be there. That is an irrelevant matter.
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