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"12 Status" SEA Promo for WA Residents

Searched the forum and via Google and didn't see a thread yet; apologize if there is one.
Delta promo for Washington-based Skymiles members, with a Seahawks-NFL theme.

Highlights include:
- Earn 1 mile for every passing yard the Seahawks have this season (hopefully Russel Wilson gets back to full strength soon! )
- 500 bonus miles for members for every 12,000 sign-ups (currently just over 13,000 people have signed up)
- Earn 1200 miles is the "12S" cause 5 false starts by the Rams when the Rams play the Seahawks in Seattle in December (so just hope there are 5 false starts in the game I guess).
- "12 status" members receive priority boarding in Seattle (I'm sure this will ruffle some feathers, on account of it seems the entire plane gets "priority boarding" now, although the promo doesn't specify what exactly is meant by priority boarding, if it's Zone 1 or some new zone unique to SEA).

Already had close to 800 miles post to my account through this. Now if more of those passing yards would be to Tyler Lockett to help out my Fantasy Team, this would be a double-win.
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