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Originally Posted by zeebanker View Post
Just out of curiosity, has anyone had any experience with GAs/FAs reaction to saying something like "Do you know who I am?" in a self-deprecating/funny way, intended solely as an inside joke[...]
Not on DL.

Back in mid-2012, I had a USAir afternoon flight from CLT-FLL. I'm near enough to the door, in the slightly-more-legroom coach seats. The last guy on the plane tries to stuff his carry-on luggage under the seat, and it obviously doesn't fit. The FA recommends he checks the luggage, which he does after a little argument.

2-3 minutes later, we're inching away from the gate, and the FA goes through the safety demonstration. Mister Carryon starts talking on the phone. The FA stops the demo, and tells the fellow to kindly cease the conversation (and shut off the phone, as per the pre-2013 PED regulations). He says..."No, I need to finish my conversation."

The FA has none of it, and says "you're going to hold up the flight and everyone on it".

He says, "Do you know how much I fly?"

FA: "Do you really think you fly more than a flight attendant?"

Cabin laughter ensues, the phone conversation ends, and he shuts up the rest of the flight. I'd never thought much of that airline and its employees, but for once I was glad at some snarky employee response.
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