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Originally Posted by mia View Post
Nothing is forever.
No question, the offer should end at some point. It would be unprecedented to keep that offer available to all comers. I would think there may be targeted offers floating out there, but nothing available 24/7/365.

Originally Posted by mia View Post
Chase has bungled the Reserve rollout. They launched three new cards simultaneously (Reserve, JPM Reserve and refreshed Ritz Carlton). All three are made of non-standard materials, and now they don't have enough to fill the orders. (Underestimating demand sounds like a nice problem to have, but this is a serious error.) Chase also bundled Priority Pass with all three of these cards, Collinson cannot ship the membership cards timely, and Chase inexplicably opted out of the electronic version which would have made this much less important. Another misjudgement.
In part, Chase could have really stuck it to Amex and Citi if they had executed everything 100%. Still, I think you don't acknowledge just how much good pub this has given Chase in the mainstream, compared to all of us whiners here on FT (me especially) fretting about whether we'll get approved and when the card will get here. It may be flawed, but the net result will be huge for Chase, IMO.

Originally Posted by mia View Post
Is this offer a good deal for us? Absolutely, $450 fee with $600 rebate and 100,000 points ^. Is it a success for Chase? They won't know until renewal time in August 2017.
I think they can already tell, if people are rotating any balances to chase the 100k bonus. They'll know far in the advance. Any amount of bonus and benefits has to pale in comparison to the interest paid to Chase. I certainly hope so, given that I don't want the card to be nerfed in the near future.
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