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Originally Posted by STS-134 View Post
Amex doesn't really try to get me to use my Platinum card. It offers a lame 1 MR point per dollar on everything except for special offers, and each point is worth, at most, about 1 cent. So I pretty much only use the thing for special offers.
Which is why I've never bothered with the Amex Platinum card. The no-AF Everyday card gives 2.4 MR points per dollar on groceries and 1.2 MR points per dollar on everything else (not factoring in special offers) if you make 20 purchases per billing cycle, and the $95 AF Everyday Preferred card gives 4.5 MR points per dollar on groceries, 3 MR points on gas, and 1.5 MR points per dollar on everything else (not factoring in special offers) if you make 30 purchases per billing cycle. I can't think of any higher-AF Amex card that comes close, let alone surpassing that, for most categories.

It's ironic that the best earning on most stuff with Amex is on lower-priced cards. (As is the case with Chase, though not to such an extreme degree perhaps, with Freedom rotating 5x with no AF and Freedom Unlimited always 1.5x with no AF and maybe throwing in $95 AF Ink for some more categories.)

And before you mention that you need higher-cost cards at both Amex and Chase for the travel category, yes, perhaps there, but Citi has the $95 AF TYP Premier which has 3x on "a broader definition of travel" plus 2x on dining and entertainment. So if you don't find the weirdnesses of the TYP program (mostly foreign partners, points evaporate 60 days after card cancellation even if transferred to another card, etc), you can get most categories into higher transferrable-point earning for $95 AF or less per card in one program or another.

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