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2 hours is way more than enough at ATL, even with a slight delay on your inbound. Personally I'd be very comfortable with even just 60 minutes, though I'm very familiar with ATL and am thankfully fully able-bodied.

PHL...what airlines? The DL gates are all very, very close to each other, but something about your routing makes me think you won't be on DL if you take that route. I can't really speak for the AA/US terminals there, but I know the international gates are somewhat more "separate" at PHL than they are at ATL.

Note that you need a little more connecting time when you return back to the USA vs. when you're departing. When you leave, you just need to get to your departure gate, present your passport along with your BP, and stroll on to the plane. When you re-enter the US, you must allow time to clear customs/immigration, including claiming and re-checking your luggage.

At ATL, I'd still be comfortable with 2 hours when re-entering the US.
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