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Flight map on the IFE control. For some reasons, we were only cruising at a low 28,000ft for the first hour of flight, maybe to avoid weather.

Captain America: Civil War for entertainment.

Dinner service started about 45min into the flight. On this short-haul, tray service was used instead of the full table set-up. Had a white to go with the meal.

Starter of Smoked Salmon with Dill and apple-fennel salad. Salmon was fresh and went well with the salad.

Bakery items, where I had a garlic bread, a breadstick and a soft roll.

Main of Braised chicken with mushroom, beancurd, vegetables and fried ee-fu noodles. This was rather tasty.

Ending with dessert, cheese and fruit. Chose the chocolate orange cake for dessert and a kiwi from the fruit tray. The cake was not bad, cheeses ok. Surprisingly, the kiwi was a golden kiwi.

Ending with a Chinese Mao Feng tea and pralines. We had slightly more than an hour of flying left after meal service was completed.

Tried converting the seat to a bed, just for the fun of it. Similar to the older version, it was a flip down bed. Bed was softer than the earlier version, though slightly narrower.

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