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Originally Posted by Arctic Troll View Post
I'd say go for both Dublin and Edinburgh if you can afford both. Two days in Edinburgh may be a bit squeezed but you'd have enough time to do Edinburgh Castle, souvenir shopping and even take a train ride out over the Forth Rail Bridge if that's your thing. There'd be stuff you'd not get to see, but I don't think the extra day in Edinburgh would be worth missing out on Dublin for.

Dublin is a different city but there's plenty to see, Trinity College quad is beautiful, the post office, the Guinness museum is worth a visit, so is the Jameson's whiskey distillery if you have time. Definitely make time for cake from Queen of Tarts though. And try and catch an Irish music session in one of the pubs in Temple Bar if you can.
Excellent information! And cake from Queen of Tarts sounds good! (I am a foodie!)

I think this is the plan we're leaning towards.
Are there any hotels that are close to the airport and offer airport transportation, but also have transportation options from the hotel to the city center OR an organized tour that would pick us up at an airport hotel?

I really appreciate everyone's help! Thank you!
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