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Interesting dilemma. If you were to asking whether to choose either Edinburgh or Dublin, I'd say Edinburgh without a doubt. If you have time for both then do both, but there is less to see in Dublin, as nice a city as it is.

Three nights in Edinburgh does open up more options, both to see more of the city and for trips out. Either out to see the countryside or to Glasgow - an easy trip on the train. Loch Ness would be doable in a day but only do it if you like long coach trips. It's not close. There are plenty of options for day trips out of Edinburgh, typically to see mountains, castles and whiskey distilleries. My best advice is take a look online and work out if there are any specific others that appeal. I'd personally go for something closer so you're not spending so many hours on a coach.

Thinking about it, three nights in Edinburgh with a flight to Dublin on the morning of the fourth, so you have most of the day (and evening) in Dublin, before your flight home the next day, is a pretty good use of time.

A week in London is plenty. You could also be thinking of day trips out of London to, say, Oxford, Cambridge or Bath. Or even Paris as per other threads on here, but that would be a very full day (although a cool thing to say you visited Paris for the day, from London ).
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