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Originally Posted by kop84 View Post
You make a lot of great points, especially looking at places like DUB. Is a non-stop going to generate new passengers or just caniblize existing offerings via AMS/CDG/JFK? Most likely too much of the latter to justify.
Originally Posted by AgentCooper View Post
Not much to cannibalize on the the AMS/CDG/JFK -- at least from my opinion -- but perhaps I'm too particular.

AMS: I used to connect through here all the time on my way to DUB but this no longer seems to be a marketable connection (used to be able to connect with EI which no longer seems to be available for DL bookings). Give me a long haul on A330 and a short haul on a 737 and I'd fly it -- as I've done many times in the past but although the flights exist it's no longer bookable.

CDG: This is the only practical connection for hitting the long-haul flights out of SEA first. But absolutely no thanks for being forced on the Avro RJ85 (City Jet) afterwards. I did it once and unfortunately doing it one more time with an upcoming trip but it won't be done again after that (I'm not a fan of the Avro's nor am I a fan of transiting through CDG).

JFK: No way I'm flying 6+ hours on a 737 to JFK just to connect for another 6+ hour flight (A330/767). Immediately out of the question, especially the time of year of some of my flights -- potential WX nightmare.
Agreed AMS is a problem due to no KLM service (only EI). As for CDG, I've only flown the Avro RJ85 by CityJet once (TRN-CDG), but I didn't find anything objectionable about it - seemed like a perfectly reasonable flight to me.
Sounds like Delta's current service to DUB from Seattle doesn't work well for you. But I don't see them doing anything to fix it as there isn't enough of a market to go after. There are certain markets that it just doesn't make sense for them to compete in.

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