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Originally Posted by flwrlover1 View Post
Sounds like we have similar plans except most of our vacation will be in Ireland.

We were able to book flights on RyanAir from Dublin to Edinburgh for only $14 or $17 each which was cheaper than the other options. We figured that we'd rent a car in Edinburgh and then drive down to London and be there for a week.

I'll have to keep an eye on this thread to see what everyone suggests! Hope you have a great trip.
We do sound like we have similar plans - just opposite itinerary.

With flights on RyanAir I have heard that the weight of our luggage will be the catch. I've not looking into RyanAir yet, but if we have carry-on luggage is that also subject to weight restrictions? That's a deal for a flight! Wow! I was finding Aer Lingus from EDI to DUB for about $98. That is reasonable, too...I thought.

These boards are so helpful! If you learn more will you please share it here, too?

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