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Both cities are doable for two days each. That's enough time to get a good feel for the city and do a tour. I would personally say two days for Dublin is plenty, while two days in Edinburgh will feel a bit squeezed but is perfectly fine.

You will be doing a fair bit of travel though, by the looks of it!

If you're travelling to the Lake District then carrying on from there by train to Edinburgh is straightforward. Flights from Edinburgh to Dublin (and then Dublin back to London) are also easy and not that expensive.

As for other day trips from London, I'd firstly ask if you've factored enough time in London itself? I know I'm somewhat biased as it's my home and I love it, but it is a big city with a lot to see. I would give London a few days to get the best from it. Bath is very easy as a day trip from London - about 1.5 hours on a direct train to get there (and Bath city centre is fairly compact and easy to get around). As for stonehenge, I've never seen the attraction myself. It would be more difficult to do, i.e. a longer journey to get there, but there are oodles of day trip options by coach from London. If it was me I'd forego stonehenge to get another day in London.

Paris is a fab city but I would save it for another trip if you can. Just going there for the day doesn't do it justice. You can see several sights but you'll need to pack them in, and forget places that typically have long queues (e.g. the Louvre) as you won't want to spend a chunk of your day queuing.

That all said, if you do really want to go then the Eurostar train is a cool way to travel between London and Paris, and even if you only get a day in Paris you'll enjoy it. My main advice would be, firstly, book the Eurostar well in advance for best prices, head out early and back late, and book somewhere nice for lunch somewhere fairly central, e.g. in the Marais district, so you have a special 'pivot' on the day.
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