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Chase will not count your Chase business cards towards 5/24 if it doesn't appear on your personal credit report. There have been numerous reports that say so. And, I believe a blogger recently wrote the same.
Then why are you the first person to say so, when in the main thread about applying for Chase cards:
everyone seems to agree with what I said?

This is not the right thread to debate this. I'm simply repeating what is accepted knowledge in the other thread here for those who are only reading this thread.

Please go to that other thread and post there what you said here (hopefully naming a source), and then it can be discussed in the right place, and the wiki of that thread can be adjusted if needed. (The wiki of that thread currently says that Chase business cards are counted against 5/24, and it's based on people who would not have been denied for 5/24 if their Chase business cards had not been counted, but they were denied for 5/24.) Thanks.
1. I am not the first person to say so.
2. That wiki, like many wikis (including wikipedia.com), is wrong.
3. Here's an example: http://mommypoints.boardingarea.com/2016/08/30/34465/ This count does not count any small business cards, including Chase business cards. It only counts the accounts on my personal credit report.

To add another DP, I can corroborate that Chase doesn't count their own business cards. I'm 8/24 on personal, 9/24 with my Ink+. 4 seperate recon agents cited 8/24 when applying for CSR and only listed my personal cards. One actually broke down it down to from which issuer too. No one said anything about the business card.

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