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Originally Posted by flyerCO View Post
Nope, it would be a "donation" from the company. Sorry, but the IRS is well versed at the little "tricks" to try and not have something taxed. They would consider it taxable income for him. Again, it's unlikely they will ever know. However that doesn't change the fact that it still becomes taxable. It's basically no different a type of scam then someone who says I'll sell you an envelope for $1000, but the envelope happens to have $1000 tickets in it. They know who the value is going to (if they find out) and will consider it taxable for the employee. No different then if the company gave the employee $4000 and said book a ticket for your wife. The $4000 would be taxable income.

I even verified with someone who works with the IRS doing audits. They would consider it taxable income if they find out.
How can it be donation from the company to the wife ? It is the husband who chose to give her the ticket and at any time he could have chosen to sit in D1 himself!
The only way would be to prove that there was previous understanding between company and employee that the wife would have been the beneficiary of the ticket.
Your parallel with the $1000 does nit fit the case at hand in the least.
A valid one would be a company which flies in a consultant and gives him a business class ticket (and writes it off as business expense). The consultant exchanges it for Y tickets for himself and wife.
Can the company still write off the entire amount ? Of course!!! How would they possibly know what the guy is doing with his ticket ?

Originally Posted by GRALISTAIR View Post
Actually we have a policy on that even when not on a plane. 2 alcoholic beverages will be reimbursed. Anymore and the whole expense claim will be denied.

I stand by my post. If you want to find a way round rules one can. I choose not too. Our company rules are good and yet strict. I choose to abide by them - well what about this, well what about that - well what about - come on.

end of !
Yeah, but in F all drinks are complimentary and my point is that the rule you abide by is imaginary. In particular, it is imagined by you.
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