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Originally Posted by thesaints View Post
Following the same philosophy, no doubt neither you, nor your CEO, take advantage of drinks in J and you both make sure of getting sufficient sleep.
Actually we have a policy on that even when not on a plane. 2 alcoholic beverages will be reimbursed. Anymore and the whole expense claim will be denied.

Originally Posted by thesaints View Post
What about on Sunday nights ? Is the ethical employee ("indentured servant" ?) bound to go to bed earlier, to recover from the weekend excesses ?

You guys remind me of companies codes of conduct in the early industrialized world. Employees were required to maintain virtuous households and not to engage in any disreputable activities including following the wrong religion and contracting debts.
I stand by my post. If you want to find a way round rules one can. I choose not too. Our company rules are good and yet strict. I choose to abide by them - well what about this, well what about that - well what about - come on.

end of !
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