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OP here.

I certainly get what folks are saying. My employer might not like it if i gave the seat to my wife (they're paying for J so i can sleep on the flight, not so my wife can sleep on the flight) and technically they'll be incurring an expense for 'Injera's seat in J' not 'Mrs. Injera's seat in J.'

Could it be against the rules? Yes.
Odds of it getting picked up by my multi billion dollar employer? Probably about as good as me hitting powerball.

Sounds like the vast majority of flight attendants wouldnt mind if my wife took my seat. If they say no, so be it. If they say 'yes, but only if we switch the names on the tickets' then I won't do it. Otherwise i'll take the risk

Can't imagine i'd get much sleep anyhow on a 6 hour flight departing at 7pm anyways. Thanks for the feedback.
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