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Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
The issue is that your employer bought YOU a D1 ticket for business purposes. It's fraud to give it to a spouse and technically doing so creates a tax liability for you and a reporting requirement for your company. In some organizations this could be grounds for termination.
Completely understood.

If it helps, can we change the situation to....

I'm flying with my sister to Barcelona next month. She wants to fly in J, i want to fly in Y. I'm trying to qualify for PM status so would love to put the ticket under my name, get the 50% MQM bonus but sit in coach while enjoys the Delta One service she paid for.

While I'm sure Delta doesn't love the idea of my manipulating their system to improve my medallion status, would an FA/GA really have an issue if upon boarding i told them 'i'd like to give my sister my seat in J is it okay if she sits up here and i sit in 41B'

(not trying to be snarky, MSPeconomist, you've posted some very useful info over the years and i appreciate your help)
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