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Originally Posted by Troopers View Post
Prob easier to list what's NOT reimbursed.

Chase has made every indication that what constitutes "travel" hasn't changed and there's no evidence to the contrary. The list of MCCs is pretty long and seems to include almost everything one could imagine being "travel" (no car stuff except rentals, though)

I suspect a lot of us CSR holders have (or had until recently) a CSP, so it's pretty easy to see what got double points. All airline spend, hotels, rental cars, rail (including CTA/WMATA/etc) fare, etc etc.

The one "non-travel" charge I disagreed with was a hotel in Japan whose MCC must have been something odd. Chase gave me the points no questions asked when I pointed out the business name was XYZ HOTEL ABCVILLE on the statement. Same story with a couple restaurants in Japan and Indonesia that weren't "dining" but I don't bother over 15 points. In 4 years with CSP I never saw a single US or Canadian charge that I thought should've gotten classified as travel but didn't.

Also, I have to ask... is there anyone who intends to use the CSR who's actually worried about not spending $300 on travel in a year (or even between now and December)?

ETA this thread on CS(P) double points for travel: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/chase...solidated.html

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