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First, if you can provide budget and specific cuisines you and your wife are seeking then I think people can give you more useful suggestions.

In Japan Yakitori (焼き鳥) and Izakaya (居酒屋) are pretty much budget eatery or called B-Kyu Gourmet (B級グルメ) in Japan, are not particularly considered as high end dining although there is an example of Michelin starred Yakitori restaurants. Traditionally Sake Joint (酒場) are considered as blue collar drunk joint and not particular known as high end dining either. If you are looking for Kobe beef then look more general for Japanese beef Wagyu (和牛), do not limit yourself to Kobe beef. Kobe beef has been abused and misused by celebrity chefs outside of Japan.

If you are looking for high end Japanese dining then one place you want to look is a restaurant type called Kappou (割烹) or Ryotei (料亭).

Tempura restaurant I know (been there) at Ginza is Tenkuni. Basement counter dining is more formal where 1st fl. an 2nd fl. table dining is little more casual.

Not only small places shut down on Jan. 1 -3, a lot of large places close down on Jan. 1 - 3 also.

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