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Mid-to-High end Tokyo Food recs

Hi everyone,

Apologies if this has been asked before (I did a quick search but mostly saw first time food recommendations), but what do people recommend for mid to high end Japanese restaurants in Tokyo?

For reference this is me and Mrs. Selfish's 5th visit to Tokyo, and our 1st visit after having our 1st child. We've eaten a ton of meals in Japan in the past, but most have been on the cheaper side. However, since this is our only trip sans 2 year old in the upcoming future, we'd love to try places we couldn't go with a child.

Thus far I've been researching sushi, yakitori, tempura, kobe beef, izakaya, and sake joints, but Tokyo has such a dizzying array of options that I'm not sure where to start. The other big wrinkle is the fact that we're traveling over New Years, so at least 3 - 4 of those meals will fall into the dreaded January 1 - 3 window when many small places are shut down.

Thanks a lot!
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