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BA says ticket has been issued, CX says it hasn't - what to do?

Hi All,

I'm having problems with an Avios booking, MAN-HKG.

The original booking, in CX's premium economy, was made in March and ticketed correctly.

A couple of days ago, I called BAEC to enquire about upgrading the outward leg to Business. I was told this was impossible because the original booking was made using Avios plus Money. Fair enough. I'd continue with the existing itinerary.

That's where the problem started. The agent appears to have amended the original booking, changing the outward segment from PE to Business, without reissuing the ticket. I'm now left with a ticket which applies to the return journey only.

I've called both CX and BAEC multiple times to try to resolve this. CX staff are adamant that the ticket as it exists applies only to HKG-MAN, and that I won't be able to travel on outward leg. BA maintain that the ticket is valid for the whole journey.

I'm inclined to believe CX here. I think that what needs to happen is that the ticket needs to be either reissued or revalidated so that it applies to both outward and inward legs. The problem, however, is communicating this to BAEC staff; despite multiple calls and several HUACAs, that is not proving straightforward.

There's a degree of urgency here as I'm travelling in 24 hours. Any advice appreciated.
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