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Originally Posted by Mary2e View Post
One think I just thought of.... Hyatt should know exactly where these stolen certificates were used as well as the name of the guest, if they were checked in. They could easily reverse the gift card balances and charge the card on file for the value that was used on the certificate.

If they're called on it, they could say it was a stolen card and to contact the person who gave it to them.
My thoughts exactly!! It seems though that in any case where there has been issues, Hyatt plays dumb and does nothing towards the theft. If they were to do that than I imagine that less thefts would happen. There is no sense of accountability for this happening. They have a clear trace to when/where it was used. This is unlike for instance the issue with US Bank gift cards that were compromised. It's easy to go into a store with stolen GC info and never be traced back to the who used it.
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