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Originally Posted by flyte View Post
I have the same, Citi Prestige at $350 a year. But I'm still planning on switching to CSR (if the "pending" doesn't change to a "deny") for these reasons:

1. Priority Pass lounges aren't great.
2. Hardly ever stay at the same hotel for four days. Even on a vacation, we'd be at a different place after three days.
3. Presumably better concierge services.
4. Better roadside assistance? Not sure about this as it's 10 miles free vs $50 free.
5. $100 AF vs $150 AF is easily surpassed by a $2,500 annual spend on dining and entertainment (2.5% earning+spending rate on the new prestige vs 4.5% earning+spending rate on the CSR).

What do you all think?
You make valid points. I am in a Delta hub, so the $50 Schwab Amex Platinum fee works fine for Delta flights. Other flights I just pull out the Prestige Priority card. As for the dining points angle, I do not pay for restaurant tabs (was ripped off several times years ago) UNLESS the reader is brought to the table and there is no tip line. That usually only sometimes happens in Europe or somewhere else outside the USA so recouping the cost does not work in my favor. As always, YMMV.
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