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Originally Posted by jediwho View Post
Useless for multiple reasons:
* because both Citi Prestige (which also offers 3x TY points for airline and hotel and 2x on dining) and City Crystal have Priority Pass that allows 2 guests
TY points (as of next summer) will be worth only 1.25c each vs 1.5c with the CSR. I find Chase's transfer partners (mostly United and Hyatt) infinitely more useful than Citi's. About the only Citi transfer I can see using is if I ever want to go to Germany, for SQ Suites. But I can also transfer my Chase points to SQ.

* Crystal's net cost if negative if you add an authorized user as they reimburse $250 per user and has an annual fee of $400
Crystal is not available for everyone. If you already have it, good for you! It's hard to get.

* Prestige offers fourth night free and 3x TY points for airline and hotel and 2x on dining
4th night free is a real benefit. The points, as I said above, are not worth as much. Caveat here: I find most of my lengthy hotel stays are on points. Once the 4th night free changes go into effect so it's the average cost and doesn't include taxes, you can get close in other ways. If I'm not using points on the stay, it's likely because it's not a chain, so in that case I don't mind not getting status/benefits/points from the hotel stay. So I can use hotels.com through TopCashBack. I get essentially 10% with the stay 10/get 1 free from hotels.com rewards, and TopCashBack is currently at 7% and has been as high as 10%. So that's 17-20% back on the pre-tax hotel cost. Almost as good as 4th night free for a 4 night stay. Possibly better than 4th night free if the stay is longer than 4 nights.

* Crystal offers $100 Visa Infinite discount for 2 to 5 domestic tickets that CSR does not

* Crystal offers 12 GoGo per user, including AU
I'd love these benefits, but again, card is hard to get. Also there's no signup bonus now, right? So you'd have a hard pull and delaying getting another Chase card if you're near 5/24.

So, if you have a Prestige and/or Infinite, one gets CSR for 100K bonus, one keeps it if they are spending a ton on dining to justify the $150 net fee.
I already have the Prestige. It will likely disappear in favor of keeping the CSR when my annual fee comes due in April. (It may not, I may keep both.)

But it's not $150 I have to justify. I need to keep at least one premium Chase card so I can transfer my points (as do most of us, I'm sure). So I only need to justify $55, the difference between an Ink/CSP and the CSR. And $55 is pretty easy.

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