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Since bobert24 and I have basically the same datapoint, I figured it was worth re-posting this:

Originally Posted by NTP9766 View Post
I have received my 5th personal platinum card, welcome letter confirming the bonus, have activated the card, and I can confirm that I have the Bonus Tracker online.

Below is a current record of my Platinum cards:

CP: Citi Personal Platinum
CB: CitiBusiness Platinum

  • CP1: Opened 10/1/15 using public link 4c on FlyerTalk, 50k/$3k (matched to 60k), converted to WE 11/15/15, closed on 3/17/16
  • CP2: Opened 12/22/15 using public link 4c on FlyerTalk, 50k/$3k (matched to 60k), converted to WE 11/15/15, still open
  • CP3: Opened 1/28/16 using Citi "Pre-Qualified" link, 50k/$3k (matched to 60k), converted to WE 3/5/16, closed on 4/21/16
  • CP4: Opened 4/12/16 using Citi "Other cards you may be interested in..." link, 30k/$1k (matched to 50k), no bonus attached to the welcome letter/tracker, never converted to WE, closed on 4/21/16
  • CB1: Opened 4/21/16 using link on, 30k/$1k (matched to 50k), closed on 8/6/16
  • CP5: Opened 8/8/16 using Citi "Pre-Qualified" link, 30k/$1k, bonus confirmed in the welcome letter and Bonus Tracker

This is a good datapoint for me, since it means you should be able to churn one of these cards that has no 24-month language in the terms even after closing a World card in recent times. I'm not sure I can recall anybody being able to do this using the "Pre-Qualified" link on Citi's pre-qualified website; this has been mainly a targeted deal.
Also, with regards to what beltway mentioned, when I personally refer to a "Pre-Qualified offer", this is precisely what I mean:

A Pre-Qualified offer from Citi's Pre-Qualified website which beltway linked the URL to.
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