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Day 1: Positioning, a CPH B2B in CE/J
Having been away most of the week I started the day with a lazy morning around the house. Before I knew it it was only 3 hours before I was due to depart; cue a frantic half hour’s packing and I was on my way to LHR at last. I’m already running late, not a good start!

Thankfully the roads were in my favour and soon I was at LHR; with a few minutes to spare I decided to risk checking in to my night-stop at the Sheraton Heathrow. Surprisingly they had a room ready, I was able to drop my checked bag and hot foot it over to T5 for my B2B.

I arrived at LHR in a bit of a fluster, with only an hour to spare and having not had anything to eat all day.

I made a beeline for the Flounge, to feast upon it’s delights (read: avoid CE afternoon tea). Given the throngs of families around T5A, the Flounge was pleasantly quiet.

Offerings at the buffet were as visibly unappealing as ever, I mean seriously "asparagus penne with pesto"? I risked the BBQ beef with rice, which I must admit was actually quite tasty.

After swiftly polishing that off I treated myself to one of the promotional pots of Jude’s ice cream from the little freezer next to the buffet. This seemed to start a bit of a trend, because no sooner had I picked up a tub than 7 people ran over to grab their own. Its a nice touch for the summer, and while I doubt it’ll stick around I hope it does - they're dangerously moreish!

Flight 1: BA820 (A319) LHR-CPH J 1A
Boarding started about 20 minutes late, due to the late inbound. Soon enough our boarding passes were scanned and we were on our way.

As usual, plenty of spotting to be done from the window:

Young upstart meets old timer…

Traffic around T3/T2

Holding for the YVR-bound Canucks

Views were nice over West London on climb out

Crew were very pleasant, service was swift. Since the CE afternoon tea offering has been well reviewed on FT, I shan’t discuss it further here. Only criticism I would make is that they did go a bit OTT with the announcements, for example:
"The information in this video is so vital, we would ask you to pause your conversations, so as not to disturb those around you, as you give it your full attention".

Soon we were making our approach into Copenhagen, which was particularly bumpy through 9,000ft. It was also quite misty, which ruined the views somewhat…

Landing on runway 22 was smooth, and we were quickly parked up on C27.

With the positioning done, it was time to say goodbye to the crew and disembark. Since I’d booked onto the same aircraft as my return, a straight forward B2B was in order. This is dead easy at CPH, since you stay airside when you disembark, and only need to turn left back into the gate to re-board the same aircraft!

Flight 2: BA821 (A319) CPH-LHR J 1A

The crew were particularly perplexed when I reboarded, with several confused looks exchanged between them, and comments of "Didn’t you just get off?!" "That was a flying visit!" etc. All good fun.

The CPH ground crew completed a swift turnaround, and no sooner than the door was closed were we pushing back. With a short taxi to the runway, so much so that the CSD was still pottering about as we were lining up. Then the IAE turbofans spooled up and we thundered down the runway, on our way again… and all were treated to some gorgeous views of Denmark as we climbed out, set against the sunset.

We hit a bit more chop on the climb out, which delayed the service by a few minutes. Once the service began we were offered dinner, either "Chicken and Potato" or "BBQ Pork Salad". I selected the former… which was a mistake. It turned out to be a chicken breast, stuffed with potato and served with leeks. The chicken was moist, but totally lacking in flavour, and the whole thing desperately needed a sauce. The raspberry & lemon mousse was very tasty though, credit where it’s due.

The remainder of the flight passed swiftly and soon we were descending into London, albeit with a few mins holding at Lambourne. While I’m biased, I don’t think there is anything better than a westerly approach to Heathrow on a clear(ish) night. All eyes were glued to the windows.

After a short taxi we, ironically, pulled in on the same stand where we left 5 hours before; A13. The jet bridge was quickly attached, and with a warm sendoff from the crew we only had a short walk to passport control. As usual the e-Passport queue was small, with only 8-10 people waiting, whereas the regular EU queue was HUGE. Border Farce appeared to only have 4 desks open, and much wailing from the children could be heard.

I was soon through the gates and headed onwards to the Sheraton, the day’s flying done. Not before I spotted this special welcome though…

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