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Originally Posted by Superorb View Post
I received an email to enroll. No bonus mentioned in email. Followed link in email as a guinea pig and it still failed.

Do you know if the links attached to the bonus are unique?
You will get the ineligibility message on the link with bonus if your email invitation does not contain bonus. This is the situation of my PRG.

My email invitation expires 8/28. Chat rep says if I do not enroll, but also do not specifically decline it, the account would be auto-enrolled eventually.
However, and this is IMPORTANT - If you decline the offer without bonus as mia says "Just Say No", your account will NEVER receive any offer on this feature per the disclosure from the chat rep.

It is not clear whether AFTER the auto-enrollment, if you ask to remove the "feature", would your account still be eligible to receive future offer. However it is VERY CLEAR in the disclosure, if you decline the current offer, your account would NEVER receive any offer on the extended payment option. This is AMEX sleazy way to make you enroll even without bonus.
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