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Originally Posted by jags86 View Post
Assuming you're going to have one of the following: CSP, CSR, or Ink+, the value proposition is pretty clear for CSR.

There is a $55/yr premium in having the CSR vs the others once you consider the travel credit.

That $55 premium turns your 1.5x FU from a 1.875% cash back card into a 2.25% cash back card via its 50% bonus. If you have $15000/yr of unbonused spend and occasionally use cash for points with UR (which at 1.5 cpp is a serious option now) then it pays to have the CSR over the others.
I have no problem with that explanation which is based on facts and assumptions that one can consider. But again it is only "pretty clear" based on your assumptions of spend. Nothing wrong with that of course, and it will work for a lot of people, under the same assumption - but it is far from universal truth.

I have a problem when someone has an "opinion" that is not based on any supporting facts or any assumptions.

Nothing is "better" or "worse" without knowing the comparison and what was the matrix used to make that determination.
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