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I find SEA rather funny: as soon as I walk up to the (Gold) checkin kiosks, I'll have 1-2 agents swoop down on me. Things then get awkward since I have to play around with a kiosk while we're chatting, eventually the tag comes out and they can tag my bag. The agents are certainly great, but the setup is weird.

SFO at least has the proper desks for 1k/plat: as a gold I occasionally get waved over to there, but most of the time at most airports I use a kiosk by myself, and flag one of the agents to do the tag/id-check/bag dumping. This also works well, I guess it's just SEA where they have too many agents / too few passengers for things to not feel silly.

The only time I've seen this not work so well was MCO with plenty of waiting, mainly because a significant proportion of passengers had overpacked, or had trouble with the kiosk (one very irritated passenger behind me spent plenty of time loudly fuming about the "idiocy" of those people over the phone, DYKWIA if I ever saw one). I was mainly surprised by what seemed to be inexperienced passengers in the premier lane, but maybe they'd gotten the signs mixed up...
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