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Originally Posted by SkiAdcock View Post
Wasn't sure to post this in the wiki or the review section. Might do both.

Reviews override wikis when looking at threads. Example, if I go to the Marriott forum & scroll down the list of threads London County Hall is shown. It shows "Review" next to it, but not "Wiki" whereas with other threads that don't have reviews it will show "Wiki". So someone wouldn't know there was a wiki (which quite frankly can be more valuable than reviews at times) unless they open up the thread. Is there a reason "Review" overrides "Wiki", or is there a reason they both can't display when looking at the thread before someone opens it?

Originally Posted by IBobi View Post
This is now fixed -- both REVIEW and WIKI will appear where appropriate.
It's not fixed. If you look at the thread I mentioned, prior to the fix REVIEW showed & even though there was a wiki, WIKI did not show.

Post 'fix', now NEITHER REVIEW nor WIKI show, so no one would know there was either a review or a wiki until they opened the thread!

If there is a wiki only thread, wiki still shows. If there's a review only thread, review still shows. But now post-fix, if there's both then neither show. Looks like they flipped the wrong button re: display - turning them off when there are both vs. turning them on when there are both.

This is the thread I was referring to when I posted originally & which I just checked.


If you're scrolling through the threads on Marriott, the thread (currently) resides on page 9 (with pages set to maximum threads display per page), so you can see that neither review nor wiki displays for the thread.

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