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This is a good datapoint for me, since it means you should be able to churn one of these cards that has no 24-month language in the terms even after closing a World card in recent times. I'm not sure I can recall anybody being able to do this using the "Pre-Qualified" link on Citi's pre-qualified website; this has been mainly a targeted deal.
I hope to be able to provide a second data point for this soon, and can expand it on somewhat. The short version: it looks like the pre-qualified links on their website do allow you to bypass the 24-month restrictions, but don't work for multiple people, like mailers would. Also, they appear to look like mailers to Citi CSRs.

Longer version:
I had a pre-approved offer on citicards.com, my wife didn't. We're both well under 24 months since our last openings/closures, but there was no 24-month language. We both applied using my pre-approved link this morning (her first, then me - it lets you change the name, just like mailers). Her application said it needed further review; mine said they just needed a little more info, and to call them.

Mine was processed without a hitch, and approved. Bonus terms confirmed without asking (although we all know that means close to zero).

We called about hers, and the woman immediately saw the problem - she had applied using a "mailer" that wasn't in her name. She was nice as could be, and would have done something to help if it was at all possible, but it obviously wasn't. This experiment did end up costing her a hard pull - I had hoped their system might reject it before getting to that stage, but apparently not.

I found it interesting that the pre-qual offer looked like a mailer to the recon CSR, but it obviously gets processed through their IT system a little differently. The rep even said that since she had used my "mailer code", I wouldn't be able to. This obviously wasn't right, but it was interesting to hear. We, of course, didn't tell her I had also used it and been approved.

I can't say this will always be the exact results of something like this, but that's how it worked out for us. Hopefully a useful datapoint.
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