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United Business GUM-HNL-SFO "Hawaii" 777

Early morning. So early that when I was filling up the car with gas I spent 2 min looking for the switch to pop the tank and right in front of me never saw it until the station attendant came out.

Interesting you check in, get your bags labeled and then take them to the other agents with the x-ray belts. Pre-Check had no one in it.

The lounge was pretty full in the wee hours. The staff was great, there was the oatmeal and breakfast food out. Also 3 big guys spread throughout who were SNOOOOORING!

Never realized GUM was on the EVA Hello Kitty route. Cool to see it there.

Doing the passport check at the gate wasn't actually the clusterF I thought it could be.

This was my first time on the Hawaii config 777 so I was happy to get on it for this leg before it's gone in the conversion.

Scored and empty seat next to me. They give out pre-loaded Samsung tablets in F for IFE. Interface was good and the choices were pretty standard on the rest of the UA fleet.

Plenty of leg room. Even if a middle person had to get out they would have no problem. I was liking this seat. Most of the time when I'm on a flight and accidentally doze off it's in the reclined lounger position as it is.

Tasty but spartan.

Nice touch, almost thought I was on a 5* airline!

Hot sandwich prior to arrival.

Bags were coming off the carrousel by the time we landed, got off, took the shuttle to the claim area and re-drop was simple. The airport was pretty empty going back through security and there were only 2 people in PreCheck and maybe 5 in regular.
This was in the middle of the airport because I came out near the Admiral's Club and ended up having a bite to eat at this "Local Taste" or something like that place across from it. When I got back down by the UA security it was a pretty "normal" size crowd.

Back to the club, again nothing that special. There were a few vocal Trump supporters who seemed to realize that while they were talking to the TV with CNN on it would not talk back.

Same seat, different 777. This was a bit more full with someone next to me. Tired I was just going to pass out. The flight arrives at almost 5am and I still had to drive down to Monterey. The snack was a calzone and I did my best to sleep as much as I could during the flight.

Getting to the rental car terminal was quick and I picked up a Chevy Sonic which handles and drives like crap. I also got chewed out by the gate attendant from Hertz because I had a California DL but my account still had my New York one attached to it. No one made a stink about it in HNL or GUM when I got my rentals.
It was cheaper by like $35 to drop the car off at the Salinas Auto Mall instead of MRY airport. But that meant I needed to kill an extra 45 min or so (and give my Mom extra time in the morning) on the drive so I stopped at a Denny's in San Jose.

I haven't been to a Denny's in years and I realize I haven't been missing much.

Well the TR is finally done. Took me a bit longer because I ended up going to Tahoe, Sonoma and NY in the past few weeks since I've been back. Nothing too exciting coming up until the fall when it's Thailand again plus Siem Reap, SGN, KUL and SIN.
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